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garmin streetpilot power user's guide coming soon

Remember that GPS book I talked about writing.. like.. a really long time ago? Well, it's now 99% done. The reason it's not 100% done is because I'm super-tired and am going to bed right after writing this.

I'm happy with the way the book came out. It covers all the good stuff the manuals for the c310, c320, c330, c340, c510, c530, c580 and all nuvi models don't cover, like.. oh.. I dunno.. CREATING a POI database maybe? Or how to find a highway or interstate easily? Well, I got all that and a ton more, including MapSource tutorials and Google Earth complete with tons of screen shots.

It's going to be good.

I plan to have this released and ready-to-fly later today... after I sleep a bit first. 🙂

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