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27 things you should read right now

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  14. BEAD tuning for bass, the easiest way for tuning down
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  16. The easiest way to get a fat guitar neck
  17. Best acoustic guitar for under $500 might be the Guild DS-240
  18. How to get the reverse guitar sound
  19. Why I still wear a watch in 2021
  20. Texas garage rock from the '60s
  21. Silvertone, that other '60s guitar
  22. manjaro linux in 2021 - it's finally usable
  23. Is a fat Telecaster right for you?
  24. Is your cheap guitar holding you back?
  25. Navigating in northern Dallas-Fort Worth Texas part 2
  26. If I could travel back to the '90s, would I do it?
  27. Is a capo safe to use on an electric guitar?