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27 things you should read right now

  1. The guitar PRS wants you to forget, the SE EG
  2. 3 solid reasons to use digital delay instead of analog
  3. Will looper drums ever not suck?
  4. The best looking Dean Z I've ever seen
  5. My favorite Black Sabbath track from their first album
  6. A secret of the Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul hiding in plain sight
  7. Shorter scale guitars with the most bang for the buck
  8. Do expensive vintage electric guitars actually get sold?
  9. My take on the Fender JV Modified '60s Stratocaster
  10. This is why some guys can't stand the CBS era Fender Stratocasters
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  12. Guitar strings is a big business
  13. Will expensive strings make an acoustic guitar sound any better?
  14. Why does everybody coil up guitar cable?
  15. how to haggle a car repair price
  16. Dirt cheap guitar pedals worth owning
  17. What is the most durable guitar pick plastic?
  18. I bought the "cheap '69" Squier Affinity Stratocaster
  19. Older Garmin models worth getting (updated 2022 edition)
  20. Casio MTP-1370D, the poor man's Rolex Day-Date
  21. What is a buffer guitar pedal?
  22. Why do expensive guitars not come with cases anymore?
  23. Purple Daze EVH Series Deluxe QM is not just another "Eddie Guitar"
  24. Pie plate on your wrist: Casio AE1500
  25. This is what I do to save gas (hypermiling and navigation)
  26. Schecter does a kickass Omen Extreme in Natural Gloss
  27. How to set the time on a mechanical automatic watch safely