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27 things you should read right now

  1. There's still a need for the Tascam DP-006
  2. This year's Thanksgiving guitar, Gretsch G5031FT Rancher
  3. A thing to watch out for with cheap Strat copy guitars
  4. Burgundy Mist makes an appearance on a very affordable Telecaster
  5. Two mailing address solutions we don't use but should
  6. Bad vision friendly watch, Casio W218
  7. How I feel about the phone these days as a Gen-X in the 20s
  8. A better green Fender Telecaster
  9. Living with a high mileage car (over 144,000 miles!)
  10. Hamburger: The Motion Picture
  11. Guys who own stupid expensive and stupid cheap guitars at the same time
  12. The classiest little Casio, AQ230
  13. Old internet humor has not aged well
  14. Where can a middle aged guy get plain sneakers these days?
  15. An HSS guitar I can actually recommend
  16. The 1,000 year disc, M-DISC
  17. The watch you buy when your smartwatch breaks
  18. This is the cheapest way to get guitar picks
  19. This is the Squier I'd buy had I not just bought one
  20. Plywood might be one of the best electric guitar tonewoods
  21. Why isn't The Whoopee Boys a cult classic?
  22. And then there were the right two
  23. Squier Sub-Sonic, the 24 fret baritone guitar from 20 years ago
  24. Fender actually came correct with the Jag-Stang this time
  25. $10 fix for Fender Stratocaster tight string tension problem
  26. Alnico vs. ceramic magnet electric guitar pickups
  27. This is the proper orientation for a Stratocaster knob