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Later on today I'm heading to practice which may potentially turn into a gig. The guys said there's a local place where we could get up there and play a super-short set (as in not more than 6 songs). It's a maybe/maybe not kind of thing. Most likely it'll just be a practice. But then again, who knows.

I sat back and thought about when the last time was that I actually played in front of anybody.

The answer is years. Several years. It's been a really long time. It'll be interesting once I hit the stage, that's for sure. I'm sure I'll do fine, but it's been a long time.

~ ~ ~

Aside from that, my attitude towards playing music now is a whole lot different from the way it used to be. As I said before I used to be of the opinion that cover songs are nothing but a big ball of suck and wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.

I know now that attitude was wrong. Had I actually sat down and learned some cover tunes I could have been actively gigging. Live and learn.

However I still won't play country music because I think country music sucks. 🙂 There has never been any song by any country artist I've ever liked. People tried to turn me on to it, but every time I hear the "drawl" it makes me nauseous. You can take your songs played with steel guitars and fiddles complemented with lyrics about pickup trucks and cowboys and shove it - because I wanted nothing to do with that. Ever. 🙂

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