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Got ditched, no new home :-(

(see edit below!)

I went up to look at the two places in Norwich today. I couldn't find either of them. I called the agent's cell phone. It was out of service (not a good sign). Then I called the realtor's office and asked for directions. They were inaccurate. I called back, spoke with someone else, she put me on hold. I hung up, then called back 10 minutes later, and told them in my usual blunt way that I wasted 20 bucks in fuel trying to find these places and that I didn't appreciate the unprofessionalism of the idiot who has a cell phone that doesn't work. I told them to get me a new agent and to call me back - I will go see these places next week.. IF I still feel like conducting business with these idiots.

I am not a happy man.

-- edit --

The idiot finally called me back. His stupid phone was "not in service" because evidently the area the place is in has no service for his phone. Yeah. Right. Well anyway - he gave me better directions.

So I went.

I saw the two places. The first one was okay and do-able. The second.. uh.. no.

Tomorrow I will take a walking tour of the place that I want and go from there.

My spirits are somewhat better now. (grin)

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