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Later today I will be picking up my truck with the new sunroof installed. Yee-haw. This will be my last major purchase for a while. After this I'm going into hardcore bill-pay mode. In all seriousness I've been doing well at that considering I moved just six months ago.

Yeah, can you believe that? Six months. Pretty amazing if you asked me. This, to date and most likely for much longer, will be the longest time I've been out of New England. I've been saying to Pop as well as anyone else who asks me that the six month mark was the first "biggie", so to speak. If you move somewhere and stay for only three months, that doesn't count in my book. When you get to six months, that's half a year so it's more significant. At least to me it is.

One of the most odd and comforting feelings I have is that I'm not going back. This isn't something where I'm just "testing the waters" deciding whether I want to stay in Florida or leave. I'm staying. The comforting feeling is knowing I'm here. The odd feeling is also knowing I'm not leaving. Throughout my life I made several attempts to bust out of New England - particularly Connecticut. All failed - but not this time. This time it's for real. At six months I consider it official, so... yay for me. 🙂

Truly, I don't want to be anywhere else. Where I am now is my "there". If you don't like where you are right now, you sometimes dream about where you'd like to be, to the tune of I wonder what it's like over there. It must be nice. I am at that place.

The weirdest thing, other than the fact I'm not leaving, is that my search for there is over. I get a little shocked just by even typing that. Whoa, dude.. you made it. Now what? Right. Now what. Now I can concentrate on doing what I planned on doing about, oh.. five years ago. Pay the bills, get the house, do whatever I want and be happy doing it. (grin)

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