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Han shoots first

I received my copies of the original releases (as in the versions before the "Special Edition" was released in 1997) of Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI. Some of you out there will know these as the "faces" editions, meaning the ones with the large character faces on the VHS covers.

Last night I watched the first one (A New Hope). I had almost forgotten what the movie looked like previous to 1997 and it was very good to see it in its original form with none of the "fixed" stuff. Personally I thought it was great. In all honesty I can understand why certain things were originally cut from the originals now; the film just has a much better flow throughout. I also thought the end battle scenes were way better in their original version because there was a much more organic looking (meaning better looking) feel to it.

I'm happy I got them. This is how I remember the movies. (grin)

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