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how guilty are you?

I read this little news tidbit. Here's how I score. (Note: You should read that article first before reading this one so you can follow along. It's not that long.)



Blog streaking

I suppose I'd have to say yes. I have admitted to surfing the web whilst taking a dump; something everyone loves to know, right? Have wireless laptop will travel - to the can.


Nope. I don't own a Blackberry or any other mobile web device.


Nope. But, there are those who have Google-stalked me. But I am easy to find on the internet anyway.


Nope. Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true.


Yes. And here's a handy tip: If someone has a Yahoo! account, there are times when you will get lucky when typing in[yahoo id]. People will post photos on a Yahoo! account and totally forget about it. You can also sometimes grab a profile photo from[yahoo id].

(I can hear the fervent clicky-clacking of all people who read this with Yahoo! accounts very quickly going to their photos and/or profiles to check for "lost" photos...)


Nope. I know some people who are as addicted to the Wikipedia as they are to YouTube (or MySpace for that matter).

Very safe to say I'm not one of them.


Nope. You won't find any Air Supply in my MP3 collection.

And is it just me or does "Air Supply" remind you of "fart"?

Maybe it's just me.

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