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how to find the nearest interstate with a garmin streetpilot

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. . .

Something I've heard off and on from people who see my StreetPilot is the wish that they could just press a button and find the nearest highway.

Well.. at present that button doesn't exist, but there is another way to do it.

Step 1. Where To?

Step 2. Address

Step 3. Pick your state

Step 4. Find your city

Step 5. Select your city

Step 6. Enter house number as 0

Step 7 (optional). Put the letter I (as in I for Interstate)

Step 8. Press 1 2 3 to switch to the number pad

Step 9. Press dash (optional) then the number of the interstate, then press Done

Step 10. Select the interstate

Step 11. Select the first result

Step 12. Tap Go!

..and that's it.

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