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I didn't turn out so bad after all

I found two web sites recently that caused me to raise an eyebrow; WoW Detox and The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery (yes, their title is in fact that long).

"WoW" is spelled that way because it's an abbreviation for World of Warcraft; a game I have never played. But I've certainly heard enough about it on the internet.

Concerning internet addicts, I honestly thought internet addiction was a thing of the past. Why? Because those I knew who were supposed "addicts" took their addiction and did good things with it, such as writing online books, starting a blog, running an online business, and the list goes on and on. Of that list I just mentioned, I've done all three and a few other things besides that.

. . .

Here's my experience with being addicted to online gaming:

Back in Connecticut I was at one point spending $70 a month renting a Counter-Strike game server.  I really wasn't any good at the game per sé, but I liked the community and atmosphere of it. I did this for about six months if I remember correctly.

When I finally got sick of the game (as all CS players do), I quit cold turkey. Haven't gone back since.

In my experience with internet addiction, I can say this:

A day that I don't go outside at least once is a day wasted.

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