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In the home stretch (boo me for awful pun)

Had to write my i3 review first before I could get on to house things. A lot of stuff happened, and here's what we got:

Day One

The drive up North with Pop this time around was about, oh, a million times better compared to last time. There was no rain. The skies were sunny. I was awake and alert (the last time I wasn't). The drive was much faster than before. We were able to completely avoid the Worcester Massachusetts morning corporate cattle drive (that's people going to werk) and there wasn't any highway construction on Interstate 95.

There really isn't too much to mention about the journey itself. We stopped at the Welcome Center for New Hampshire and also stopped at a few rest areas to stretch out. I think we ate once. Anyone who drives long distances knows that after a while your legs start to go numb and/or you get a severe case of swamp ass, so you gotta stop every now and zen.

Pop and I arrived at our destination and checked into the motel around 10am. I relaxed for a small while in my hotel room while he relaxed in his. My mood was surprisingly good considering I just drove for five hours. I broke out my laptop and played Diablo II for a few hours to kill some time. After that we headed to the realtor's office.

Some notes before continuing: The itinerary included seeing two realtors. The first day was for the first one who would show us five houses. The second day was for the second one who would show us two houses.

We arrive at the realtor's office. It was very close to the motel which was good, because the last time it was really far away. We waited in the sitting area for the realtor to come see us. Hillary the realtor arrives. She commented on how we were early (we had left early to go see her because we were just sick of waiting), but didn't complain - she agreed to show us the houses we came to see. I was impressed.

House #1: Garbage. Crappy roof, weird baseboard heat layout, and the grand finale... in the attic you could see sunlight where the chimney met the roof. Yes this means sunlight was coming through the roof. Uh... no.

House #2: Absolutely perfect, for me (more on that in a sec). Right near the border of Skowhegan. 1.14 acres. Huge first floor with big rooms and a full bathroom. Huge second floor with a full bathroom (YES!) and two huge rooms. Full basement with polished floor and a pool table. Full deck in the back. An above-ground pool. A workshop area attached to the right of the house. Close to all the stuff to live, like stores and shops and whatnot. Positively perfect. Pop hated the fact it didn't have that much property. I hounded him like crazy on this one and said he's not going to find any better - I was right (keep reading)...

House #3: Realtor couldn't find the house. Could not find home #94 on the street where the house was supposed to be. Gave up on this.

House #4: Really tiny. You could see the front door from the window of the back door. Landscape sucked. Blah.

House #5: Big house, but ancient (built somewhere in the early 1900's). Weird-ass layout for a big home. Upstairs bedrooms were tiny. Downstairs rooms were also small. Basement was downright scary. Field stone everywhere and I had to duck to walk around most of it (I'm 5'9"). Garage was two-bay with electric doors and worked well. Property was nice, too, but the house just had too much weirdness to it. It was also kinda creepy that it was next to a small cemetery, and even more creepy that a black cat was spotted in the yard. It was a friendly cat, but think about it... it just happened to be there and there's a cemetery nearby? Hm... Layout was too weird anyway, so thumbs down.

Back to the motel. Pop and I are having serious discussions now. They're friendly discussions, but serious. I want house #2. He has reservations about it and I know that in the back of his mind he's thinking "I hope we don't have to take it" because he really wants a larger property with more acreage - but needs a house to suit. I know that he's not gonna find it for his price range.

A short while later we head to a cheesy cheap-ass Chinese restaurant a short way from the motel. The food is so-so but it fills the tummy. Afterwards we head back to the motel. We end the day on a good note. Pop goes to his room and I go to mine. Later on I hop on to the laptop and use a dial-up account (BLAH) to check my e-mail. Then I showered, watched a few hours of Masterminds on CourtTV then went to bed.

I slept, but Pop didn't sleep that well. I found out later Pop was pacing around at 2am because he was as nervous as a cat on a ferris wheel. He seems okay with the house, he just really doesn't like the fact it doesn't have a lot of land to it. I, on the other hand, think it's just fine.

Day two

I was already sold on the house #2. It was so solid it was unbelievable. The price was very right. The floors were solid (no creaks/squeaks). It was clean. It had all the room in the world (2400+ square feet). It's just.. awesome. What more can I say.

Anyway, yeah, day two. We go see Realtor #2. She's a hot MILF. Ice blue eyes, hot blonde. You could definitely tell she was a cheerleader or one of those popular/beautiful people in high school. She had that slightly nasal cutey voice and dressed in professional-wear like she was straight out of the 80's (in a good way), except the hair was modern - a plus. Hey, I'm a guy, I think about sex a lot and she was hot, okay? Okay. Let's move on.

House #6: An unfinished nightmare. The house had potential to be a really nice big house but needed way, way too much. It felt and looked like you were walking on to a construction site, which in all essence is what it was. The guy who was building it originally just ran out of money, plain and simple.

House #7: Another tiny house. Awesome landscape. The realtor warned us that the owner's dog wizzed on the 2nd floor and it smelled like wizz. She was right - it did, but that's not the funny part. The funny part is that she stated the owners refused to pay to clean it in case the house didn't sell. Well, they may have something there, because the house won't sell if it smells like wizz! Got out of there fast.

Some more things about realtor #2: My father is a Korean War vet, so she started talking to Pop about her husband and how he's serving in the military at present. She only gets to see him maybe three to four months out of the year. She also said that she's "very independent" (to all girls: that's a death phrase, don't ever say that) and rarely accepts help from most people even when they offer it nicely. Basically speaking, she spends a lot of time alone with her six-year-old son or at least gives off the impression she does. My personal impression? Even though her husband is serving his country, which is very honorable, she misses him to death and you could feel the longing for the guy she married coming out of her... or at least I could. It just goes to show that sometimes the decisions you make for the "greater good" do not necessarily translate to your good, as in your wants and needs. Maybe I'm dead wrong on what I felt from her, maybe not. I don't know.

See? I don't think about sex all the time.

One more thing I know I definitely felt from her: Disappointment and a small tinge of anger. Pop and I didn't want either of the houses she showed us. As she was leaving after we gave her the "thanks but no thanks" (said nicely of course), I knew she was ticked off - because she had given a super 10,000% effort with e-mailing my Pop constantly with updates and trying really really hard to sell Pop a house. Seriously, she was awesome at the customer service thing - no qualms about it, except one: The houses didn't fit the bill, and as they say, you can't polish a turd. It doesn't matter how nice you are. A product speaks for itself in the end.

Pop and I head back at the motel and are having serious discussions again. He asks if I'm 100% sure about the Madison house. Without hesitation, I say "yes". We head back to Hillary's office.

Papers are signed. Pop is noticably nervous and for good reason because buying a house is just plain scary. Truly. There's just so much crap involved and it can really run you in circles both physically and emotionally, but, Pop bites the bullet and does his thing.

We start on our trek back home. The trip is uneventful. It wasn't as good as the trip up (there was some rain), but it was overall tolerable.

Back at home I found my i3 had been delivered as I wrote in my previous post. Happy day!

Pop and I have discussions again. I ask him plainly if he likes what he's done. He says the house is great, he doesn't like the property, but he can live with it. I know in my soul that this place will grow on him very quickly. It's simply an awesome house, period.

If the closing of this existing house we're in goes through, then it's 100% confirmed - I'm moving up North.

This is the last mile. I just have to play the waiting game for a short time and then it's go-time.


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