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Internet speak in a southern drawl

My sister (who is currently going to college in St. Kitts) and I are about as Yankee New England as you can get. However, when we chat on the 'net, the conversation always ends something like this:

Sis (05:49 PM) :
ok. I'll talk to u again soon

Me (05:49 PM) :

Sis (05:49 PM) :
thanks again

Me (05:49 PM) :

Me (05:49 PM) :
pop will be mailing the package this weekend

Sis (05:49 PM) :
awesome! I love getting packages

Sis (05:49 PM) :
kid at summer camp syndrome

Me (05:49 PM) :

Sis (05:50 PM) :
take care, I'll let u know when I get it

Me (05:50 PM) :
k bah

Sis (05:50 PM) :

Yep. You read it right: BAH. Southern drawl for "bye" which is shortened "goodbye".

I think it's amusing, and yes, I started it first. 😉

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