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internet stuph

A couple of random ramblings:


I'm sick of hearing about Ted Stevens and that whole series of tubes thing. Yes, it's funny. Yes, it's sad Mr. Stevens is a moron when it comes to understanding how the internet works.

But it's not funny when people keep talking about it ten million billion times on the internet.

This is just as bad - if not worse - as when everyone was saying I'm Rick James, bitch!

It will not be soon enough when this whole Ted Stevens thing just goes away.. forever. No, I'm not defending the guy, I'm just sick of hearing about it.


I have an ancient Yahoo! Mail account so I decided to fire it up with YPOPs which allows use in Mozilla Thunderbird (or any other e-mail client for that matter). Since that mail account gets slammed with spam just about, oh, every two minutes or so (literally) I figured it was a good opportunity to try out Thunderbird's adaptive junk mail filter. It's working out fairly well so far. True to its claim it does "learn" what is spam and what isn't.


The eBay sales of Pop's camera stuff went well. With the exception of one, all sold above expectations. It was almost enough to purchase two new Olympus digital cameras. When those cams are bought we'll only be about twenty-five bucks in the red. Not bad for two new cams. 🙂

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