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it is time...

I've mentioned on and off that Red Letter Media's absolutely brutal reviews of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (see it here) and Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones (see it here) are absolute genius works. They're genius because as has been said many, many times: Every single person who has ever thought about making a film should see them. Everything you'd ever want to know about what NOT to do in a film is shown in a way that's completely understandable. It's been nothing short of incredible how many film students that have said, "This should be shown as standard watching material in film school." I kid you not. They're that good. Oh, and by the way, these reviews are LONG, as in 70 minutes long each. Every minute is worth watching to realize the true amount of suck George Lucas put into each of the new trilogy Star Wars films.

Given the huge success of the Episode I review, for the review of AoTC Red Letter Media did a trailer.

RLM let this trailer sit for three whole months before posting the the full review. It drove everybody nuts with anticipation. When released, wow did it deliver.

RLM once again has done a trailer, this time for the Episode III review, confirming that yeah, it's gonna happen.

This time they've gone all out. The review actually has a storyline to it. A storyline?! Amazingly, yes. Now admittedly, if you haven't seen the first two reviews, what's below won't make much sense. But if you have, the trailer actually gets you excited. The moment you hear the sound of the light saber, you'll say, "YES! YES! TRASH THIS MOVIE! GO! GO! GO!"

It's stuff like this that makes YouTube worth watching.

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