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it's electric!

I suppose I'm kind of on a mission to see how little electricity I can use in a given month. All the light bulbs in my apartment are now 10-watt fluorescent instead of incandescent which should help out. Only one kitchen light is 15-watt fluorescent.

I read an article by "Mr. Electricity" (his self-given title) who somehow manages to only use 160kWh (kilowatt hours) a month. How he does this I have no idea. The current use for my latest bill is 344kWh, more than double his usage -- and I live in a tiny apartment.

My thought is that it must be the air conditioner that's spiking the usage. This is August in Florida, after all. Maybe in September when the weather cools down a bit I'll see some savings.

In addition to the fluorescent lights I'm also making a habit of turning things off when I leave. Ceiling fan, any lights, power strip that connects laptop computer, synth and DSL modem - off. The only things left on (as in plugged in) are the fridge and microwave. The A/C has to stay on in "auto cool" mode and run every so often because if doesn't, the apartment turns into a sauna - literally.

This month's electric bill was $48.46 with tax and everything included for 344kWh. Last month is was $55.02. My goal for this month is to stay under $48.00 which I think is reasonable. If I remember to turn off the stuff off every time I leave, I should be able to hit that mark. 🙂

One final note: It's kind of funny.. When I was living in Connecticut, the most expensive months for electricity were during the winter season. Here in Florida, it's the exact opposite. The summer season is the most expensive.


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