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it's that BBS time again (part 3)

(part 2)

Yesterday I called up Verizon and had a chat about upgrading to biz-grade DSL.

Short answer:

Not gonna happen without downtime therefore I'm not getting it.

Long answer:

First, a correction. I said in a previous post they offered a "loopback" plan. The name is wrong; it's called a "dry loop" connection.


Dry loop DSL requires no phone line whatsoever, however a box must be installed in order for it to work. I live in an apartment complex and can't have Verizon drilling things into the wall, so that's out.

The regular biz-grade DSL that does use a phone line can't be installed without me losing internet connectivity for about a week. That's unacceptable because as I said before I do a huge chunk of my work on the internet.

So it looks like I'm not getting the biz-grade DSL. Granted, I only wanted it so I could run a BBS again, but it kinda sucks the only reason I can't is because Verizon can't convert a consumer DSL to a business DSL without downtime.. or at least in Tampa Bay Florida they can't do it.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about Verizon because I'm not. I literally have no complaints about the service, speed or reliability because it works like it's supposed to.

I'll be staying with what I have for the time being.

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