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I have finished and deployed the girlfriend application form. I think it's funny. And who knows, maybe some girl will actually have the nerve to fill it out (besides ex-girlfriends)? Who knows.


I have to go to Inverness today to see Pop but I really don't want to. It's not that I don't want to see Pop. It's that Inverness is sixty miles away. And although Pop always sports me the gas money, it's still a long frickin' drive.


I have officially made my appointment to get the roof chopped on my truck. Next Thursday @ 8am. This is cool but at the same time scary, because I bought this truck brand new, and now I'm handing it over to people cut a big hole in it. It's will be a nice hole, but still.. y'know.. it's unnerving.

This will be the second most expensive vehicle modification I've ever done. The first was my previous Camaro's paint job. The only other thing that's come even close to this cost as far as a car is concerned, other than buying the vehicle itself, is tires.

Speaking of which, that will be my next to-do for my truck. Four tires will cost me somewhere a little over $200 with shipping included. For those who would ask How do you get decent new tires that cheap? This is a two-part answer. First, I have P235/75 15" wheels. Fifteen's and lower are cheap. Second, I shop around.

And if you ever wondered how much it costs for a 20" tire for you guys that like "dubs" (such as for a Hummer H2), try $139.00 each at its lowest cost, not including wheel hardware, mounting and balancing.


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