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killingly connecticut sucks

Y'know ordinarily I'm not that brazen (not like this anyway) concerning the stomping grounds but I've got a lil' story here that takes the cake.

If you're from Killingly, I can guarantee you've run into the b.s. I'm about to tell you. And if you haven't yet, you will. Count on it.

For those not familiar, I've been living in Tampa Florida for almost 2 years now. Earlier in the week I got a letter in the mail from the Town of Killingly (where I used to live) stating I owed taxes.

Okay, no big deal, right?


The bill was for $1,032, printed on a chintzy one-page sheet that listed four bills and said absolutely nothing about what they were for.

Did I call the town?

You bet your ass I did.

Here's how things went down:

First, I spoke with someone in the town office hoping she would tell me what these bills are actually for. She said they were back taxes on vehicles.

So at least I know now what they are; that's one hurdle crossed.

I check the dates and I can see that 2 of the 4 items listed are for a car I traded in 3 years ago that Killingly thinks I still own and wants money for.

I also see on a third item for my current vehicle (which I still own) that the registration for Connecticut was closed when I registered it in Florida IN 2006.

She says I have to speak with the tax assessor.

One thought goes thru my head at that point.

"I knew it was her."

Now I'll explain why:

The tax assessor for the Town of Killingly will literally fabricate taxes you owe out of thin air.

And I can prove it. Here's a lil' story for you:

Back when I ran a business in that town I did the proper thing and registered it with the town. I listed my assets, paid my fees and understood there would be taxes on the business every year.

One year goes by, I get a bill and it's double what it should be.

I march right down to the assessor's office.

Want to know what she told me?

"I don't see how you can operate your business with the assets you have listed and I feel it's inaccurate."

Yeah, read that again. She felt I owed more taxes than I did.

My response? I looked her dead in the face and said "Do you want me to take you out of this office and SHOW YOU the assets?"

She was silent for a moment, then sneered, then grudgingly adjusted the taxes back to what they should have been - and I paid accordingly.

Fast-forward to present:

On the phone the assessor essentially tells me I have to prove her wrong. I have to prove proof of Florida registration that occurred in '06. Okay, fine - I can see that since Connecticut has no communication with Florida.

But then she says I have to provide proof that a vehicle I owned was traded in three years ago while I was still living in Connecticut.

I'll tell you why this ticked me off. All that dumbass assessor had to do was call the Connecticut DMV in Wethersfield. It would have been a five-minute phone call and she would have gotten the information she needed from the source. Just tell them the VIN, they'd look up the record in 5 seconds and have the proof right there. Simple. Easy.

Nope, no can do. She couldn't be bothered EVEN THOUGH IT'S HER JOB.

She also said it was the resident's responsibility to notify the town hall when registration changes like this occur.

That's a 100% b.s. response for her outright laziness. What should happen is that the tax assessor's office is supposed to fact-check who owns what vehicle by way of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. If that office doesn't keep up communications with the state concerning motor vehicle registrations, that is not the resident's fault. That's the town's fault.

So I did one better. I called the dealership where I traded in my car originally in Putnam Connecticut.

Here's where it gets interesting.

When I called the dealership, I explained my situation and they were more than willing to help me out. This was quite awesome on their part because technically they didn't have to.

The moment I mention the tax assessor, guess what I was told?

  1. The finance person at the dealership himself has had to deal with that stupid assessor and her constant screw-ups routinely.
  2. Quote: "..I could go on all day about her [and] she never sides with the resident at all" meaning she doesn't fact-check, she doesn't verify anything and basically put, she doesn't do her job.
  3. Me: "She fabricates taxes out of thin air, you know." Dealership: "Yep. She does that all the time."

Can you guess what my owed taxes were after I had to fix her screw-ups?


That's not a typo. Six hundred dollars less than what that dumbass assessor thought I owed.

After that I sent off a check for that amount.

Next week I'm calling that town, confirming they received the check I sent and demanding a signed receipt from the office, because I'm not playing any games here. If that puss-filled boil of a town decides to crawl up my ass again for any reason, I'll shove their own documentation right back in their face.

I swear, if I still lived in that hole of a town I'd take out a few hundred bucks and post a half-page ad in the Sunday edition of the Norwich Bulletin that would say "Killingly residents: Are you being taxed unfairly by the tax assessor's office? E-Mail me your complaints to [e-mail address]."

Then I'd take the guaranteed several-hundred complaints I'd receive, print them all out, make a visit to the town office and drop them right on her desk - instructing her to read them. ALL of them.

After that I'd send the same copies to the state representative.

Would I want to see her fired? No. I'd want her to do her job properly. Firing her would be too easy. I'd make that dumbass earn back every single cent that she's overcharged Killingly residents. Every penny.

See, here's the deal - I called and set things right; I knew what to do. But most other people wouldn't. They'd just accept it on blind faith the assessor knows what's she's doing. News flash: She doesn't. She overcharges local residents whenever she literally feels like it. That's wrong, illegal and outright unconstitutional. You absolutely CANNOT impose taxes on a resident just because you "feel like it".

And the fact they wanted to charge me taxes on a vehicle that had been traded in and re-registered with someone else means they would double-dipping on taxes. Very, very illegal. I could easily sue the town and win for doing that.

So anyway, a small victory for me. Small but important as far as I'm concerned.

If you happen to be a Killingly resident, if you notice anything - and I mean anything - that looks wrong, inconsistent or otherwise for any tax you owe the town, go to the assessor's office and make that dumbass behind the counter do her job. If you don't she'll wave her little tax-fairy wand and magically create bills you owe from.. nothing.


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