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As one of the last things I had to do to clean out my bedroom, I emptied my old dresser drawer (or whatever you call it), took it outside and then TOOK THE AXE TO IT! Seriously, I did. Whacka whacka. It was old and the bottom two drawers were completely screwed up. It wasn't worth saving at all.

There's just something positively cool about taking an axe to something, or anything for that matter. The only disappointing part of the whole experience was that it wasn't all too difficult to break apart the dresser drawer. Bummer. I busted it apart in about five big whacks and several little ones.

To those who would ask "Why did you take an axe to your old dresser drawer?", the answer is that it's easier to throw away afterwards. Flat pieces of wood are much easier to transport than a big box.

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