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Before starting this one: To all lurkers out there (and there are quite a few of you), you don't have to lurk, you know. You could, oh, I dunno.. get a forum account and post a comment or two. Just a suggestion. 🙂


This is a sorta/kinda geeky/nerdy/techy/whatever music related post, so um.. deal with it. 🙂

Some of you out there may have been wondering (and if not, now you don't have to) why I have not released anything on CD since Failing Equipment.

Short answer:

CD's don't sell.

Really long answer:

I don't know anyone who buys compact discs any longer. The fact you can just hop on to iTunes or even Wal-Mart's web site to download music legally these days (aside from doing it the illegal way with a peer-to-peer program) makes you wonder why anyone would push CD's to begin with.

I made a conscious decision after I bought my Alesis Fusion to release some free-for-download tunes. It was the best thing I ever did professionally - no doubt about that. A lot of people downloaded the tracks (they're here, by the way) - including Alesis themselves - and it really worked out well. I figured "getting the name out" was more important than trying to make a buck, and I couldn't have been more correct in that respect.

I've also been studying the whole Brent Simon phenomenon. As most of you know I just recently produced his album which is scheduled for release in the near future. The decision has already been made that CD's will be pushed, however it won't be CD's alone. Other stuff will be included such as stickers, a t-shirt and maybe some other things along with the disc. Although sales are more or less guaranteed "in the bag" as they say, this stuff pretty much has to be included to give people a reason to buy the disc in the first place. So in effect, they're not buying the disc. It's more like they're buying a shirt, some stickers and other possible collector's items with the disc included as a bonus, strange as that may sound.

Side note: Honestly speaking, anyone who buys Brent's disc is getting a really good deal because Jeff is a well known pro artist - so it's not going to be some cheeseball thing. The end product will be all-pro all the way.

Anyway, my point is that the disc itself just isn't enough. I seriously doubt I'm going to release any CD's of my own unless people literally ask for it. I figure it's just better to offer straight pay-for-download thru iTunes. It only costs a buck a song (sometimes even less) and people can push that into their iPod or other portable MP3 player or their computer. That is what people are doing these days and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Additionally, considering the time and effort it takes to make discs and market them - it's almost pointless to do it since people are going to convert them to MP3's anyway.

So in the end, when my next for-sale release comes out (whenever that happens), there will not be any discs. Not unless there's a great demand for it. Or unless a distributor wants to distro my stuff and needs some physical media of some kind. If that were the case that'd be cool, no doubt, but I think it's safe to say that won't happen. 🙂

And yes there will always be some freebie MP3 downloads here as long as I can afford to do it, bandwidth permitting.

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