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Looking back

I've been listening to a lot of stuff over at the 80's TV Themes Super Site recently. I will wholeheartedly admit I like tv show themes. I always have. Anyone who grew up in the 80's knows that some of the best theme song writing occurred at that time - particularly in the early 80's. The writing of the tunes was so good that if you heard just the first 2 seconds of a theme - you knew what show it was.

In addition to having a lot of audio, they also have a lot of video clips, too. There is a particular clip in the Potpourri section which has the description of:

"Well before 'Seinfeld' made poking fun at everyday life hip, Mike Leonard mastered the art as the Today show's Winnetka, Illinois correspondent. Here, he examines why adults are so fussy about sandwiches. It's long, but well worth the download."

Yes, it is worth the download. Very corny humor, but very reminiscent of how morning broadcasts (and television in general) used to be. At that time that segment was made (1984) I was 9 years old. Times were a lot simpler back then. The economy was in great shape. Reagan was in office. Every year at Christmas there would be lots of presents for my sister and I. There was always good food on the table, the house was always warm and I lived well. Most of my friends did too. I mean heck, even my poorer friends had ColecoVision video game systems.

I did use computers back then, but all that was available were things like TRS-80's and Commodore 64's - and they were awesome - even with no internet. Internet did not exist as we know it back in 1984.

I was a Nintendo kid through and through. In 1985 Nintendo was introduced and my parents got me one. I must've had a million games (give or take) for that system. Also awesome.

I never worried about paying bills (remember I was between the ages of 9 and 11 during this period) or going to work or any of that crap.

My family didn't have cable (as a matter of fact I didn't get cable until the early 90's) and most of my friends didn't have it either. All of us used to watch Saturday morning cartoons. To a kid in the 80's, that was the highlight of the week. You waited all week just to watch cartoons in the morning on Saturdays. And it was great. You were glued to the tv set eating your Cocoa Crispies (or your particular cereal of choice) and loving every second of it.

Although I love my internet, my modern conveniences and all that this new age brings to us, sometimes I just want to go back to a time when...

Phones had real bell ringers and they were all on a cord.

TV remote controls had nice big buttons you can READ and the batteries lasted FOREVER.

You could go to McDonalds and get your Big Mac in a styrofoam container (remember, burger on the right, fries on the left)

Most cars had big comfortable bench seats that felt like your grandma's couch.

Listening to your music was available on FM radio, vinyl or cassette - only.

Buying gas for 70 cents a gallon or less was normal.

Driving without a cell phone doesn't freak you out - because most people didn't have them.

Girls wore big poofy hair and tall tight jeans.

You could buy a brand new cassette of your favorite band or artist for 5 bucks.

Rock was king.

ABC and NBC were the only channels to watch for sports.

A "loud" stereo in a car was 50 watts.

The Corvette and Camaro were the hottest cars on the road.

Trucks still looked like trucks (and were priced like trucks.. CHEAP)

Your local deparment store was the coolest place in the world to get anything - and there was no Wal-Mart.

Most states only had one area code for phone numbers.

The speed limit on highways was 55mph.

Johnny Carson was hosting the Tonight Show.

The Muppets was on tv at 7pm on Thursday nights.

A haircut was 2 bucks (for girls - 9).

Sugar packets had an actual full teaspoon of sugar in them.

Dunkin' Donuts only sold coffee and donuts - that's it.


There are more.. but I wish there were times when you could take like.. one month a year, and just do everything the way it used to be.. well.. the way it used to be for me at least. (grin)


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