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luke 2:14

Title of the entry is a Bible verse. The part of it you need to pay attention to is "...and on earth peace, good will towards men." In the modern vernacular, it would (and should) be "...good will towards everyone." But I digress.

Been reading some other blogs (yes, I do read other blogs) that have been getting all sorts of upset about Christmas. People wax on about how they "hate Christmas" and wish for their old boyfriend or girlfriend back or whatever. Soon after that they yap about being single. Then they may gripe about their job. After that, the inevitable "my life sucks" post.

Here's a novel idea:

Why don't you, the upset blogger, write about what you have instead of what you haven't. Be thankful you are still here, still kickin' and got plenty of life left in you.

And to that ex you keep wallowing on about, do us all a favor. Stop wallowing. Thanks. Much appreciated.

Also, I don't want to read these "my life sucks" posts. Granted, you are entitled to one every so often, but this is not the right time for that. Pay attention to Luke and spread good will. Start off by writing something just a bit more on the cheery side. No, I'm not looking for Happy Happy Joy Joy, but it would be nice to read something more pleasant.

You are capable of doing that, aren't you?

After New Year's Day you can go back to being upset. Deal? Good. Glad we had that chat.

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