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Lynx web browser basics

Lynx is a text-only web browser. I use it so I can view a web site the way a search engine would "see" it. This allows me to examine my site in a way that graphical browsers can't.

I use a win32 port of Lynx because I'm a Windows user, but its native environment where it runs best is Linux or UNIX. This isn't to say the win32 version sucks, because it doesn't, but for lack of a better description, it "feels" better on Linux/UNIX.

Regardless of what OS you use Lynx on, the commands are the same. Here's a quick primer on how it works.

Loading a web site


This is done by pressing G, for "go". Lynx will load web sites whether you use http:// or not.

Navigating a loaded web site


By default, if there is a link "in view", Lynx will always land on that first where you will see (NORMAL LINK) in the bottom status bar.

Moving from link to link is done by using your up/down arrow keys.

Going to a highlighted link is done by pressing Enter.

Scrolling is done by using Insert (up) and Delete (down).

Paging up and down is done by PageUp and PageDown.

Using a form is done by using your up and down arrow keys until you land inside the form, and then using it. For input fields, you type. For checkboxes and radio buttons, you use Enter to activate/deactivate. It should also be noted that when inside an input field, G means literal G and not "go". If you want G to be "go" again, you must move outside of the input field.

Moving back and forth between pages is done using your left and right arrow keys.

Other stuff in Lynx

Backspace - View history

Q - Quit (requires confirmation)

/ (forward slash) - Search current page for text you input

(backslash) - View source of page. Press again to return to rendered view.

V - View bookmarks


A then D - Add a bookmark

R - Remove/delete a bookmark (must be on bookmark page)

The other keystroke commands can be seen by pressing ? for the help menu.


Lynx is a good browser and helpful to use as a website/blog owner or if you just like using for the nerdy fun of it. 🙂

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