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Marathon sleeper

Yesterday I fell asleep around 6pm. It's not my intention to knock out at that time, but that's just the way it happens sometimes. My job just wears me right out. I woke up around midnight (note: that's six hours of sleep). Then I usually stay up all night and by 2pm the next day I'm ready to pass out at work. "Not this time", I said. I went back to bed.

Woke up @ 5:45am. My back was stiff as hell for sleeping that long. It still is as I'm typing this. It's not stiff from stress, it's stiff from sleeping.

I seem to have a really weird cycle of sleep. I'm hoping this marathon 12-hour sleep thing will push me back to a normal one, as in go to bed @ 10 or 10:30pm like I'm supposed to so I can get my 7.5 to 8 hours like I should. Even though my back is stiff right now, I do feel quite rested. 🙂

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