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Metal's continuing downward spiral


The Amigaaaaaaa! guy is where metal music is these days.

...and that leads me to what I talk about in this week's podcast Episode 9 - Sympathy Applause.

I found this video on YouTube. Of a band. Playing metal. By guys my age. I'm 45, by the way.

It was so, so bad. Serious levels of cringe going on. And I talk about it at length. I go into great detail of the suck that I encountered with that ridiculous trash.

After I recorded the podcast, a thought came to mind. I seriously wonder if bands like the one I talked about are self-aware.

Party like it's 2005?

It's one thing to do the same music you did 15 or 20 years ago knowing what you're doing is old and woefully out-of-date, as there is a certain charm factor to that. But it's totally another to be doing the same crap you did so long ago and still think you can "make it".

Steel Panther, for example, is very self-aware. Their whole shtick revolves around knowing exactly what they are. And that's fine.

But for the band I saw in that YouTube video, I'm not so sure.

What gets me more than anything is that you'd think after all this time that dudes in their mid-40s - who have been playing their instruments for the last 20 if not 30 years - would have gotten better by now.

They haven't.

Same tired old riffs. Same tired old song style. Same tired old stage show (which is the "just stand there and look bored" look). Same tired old everything.

And yeah, I tear that band a new one in my podcast. They deserved it.

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