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more yahoo mail buffoonery


I don't use my Y! Mail account for anything, however I do check it because it has some nostalgic value since I reg'd it in 1997 - and for the fact that every year someone tries to steal the account. It's to the point where I actually expect it now. That's sad.

Above is the latest buffoonery with someone trying to steal the account. Again. The account was compromised, so I had to change the password. Then I find out someone registered a Plurk account with it. I commandeered that and deleted it. Then someone opened up a My Opera account with it. Again, commandeered but not deleted because you can't delete MO accounts, so I just left it blank. Yesterday, a moron attempted to reg a Facebook account 5 times in a row with it. I left that as is because the reg was never completed and FB will time that out and delete on its own.

Crap like this should not happen with email, but it does on Yahoo.

Another little tidbit on email. You may have noticed I no longer have a contact page but rather just put an AOL mail address on the sidebar. No, it's not my primary email but I do check it regularly and basically plaster it everywhere. I've done this because I've come to the decision that email forms suck (which they do), and if someone wants to contact me via email, I should make it as easy as possible. If the account gets spammed, oh well. I'll deal with it.

But you won't catch me ever using Yahoo again. No frickin' way.

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