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MT 3.15 sucks!

Today turned out to be the most hell-intensified blog experience I've ever had with MT v3.15. I wanted something relatively simple, to have sCode and Blacklist running together. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

I'm not going to go into the details, but I will say that I'm back to using MT v2.661. Works much better, much faster and I'm definitely sticking with it. All this "new" crap that came with 3.15 completely screwed up my blog. I won't make that mistake again. And yeah, I know I just said recently the installation went through without a hitch. Little did I know...

And wouldn't you know it - I got the multiple category thing to work on 2.661 by doing a reinstall (which incidentally was the whole reason I upgraded to 3.15 in the first place).

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