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my high school

I graduated from Killingly High School in Danielson Connecticut in 1993. I live in Tampa Florida now (obviously) but sometimes I'll look up what's going on where I used to live just for kicks (hey, we all do it).

I found an interesting article recently: Killingly High School principal resigns.

The most interesting part of the article:

The board met in a two-hour closed special session before voting on Costello’s status. They remained silent on the topic after adjourning, issuing a prepared statement.

The guy got in some real hot water doing something unbelievably stupid, so the board in its wisdom decided to hold a "special" private session and completely shut out the residents as to why he quit, and they'll never know the true reasons. Then they flew out a b.s. statement in a desperate attempt to cover their tracks. Nobody bought it.

School systems are supposed to be transparent, and KHS is definitely not. The comments on that article pretty much say it all.

This happens a lot where I come from unfortunately.

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