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My wipers suck

I got my windshield wipers changed in preparation for the winter season back when I had the Blizzak's mounted on the car. I went for winter wipers. The only difference between winter wipers and regular ones is that the winter kind have a thick "coat" around them. This is to prevent them from icing up on the windshield. And it's true, that coat does prevent freeze-up. Anyway..

As God as my witness I will never get wipers from a tire place again. At any speed above 60mph, the wipers fail to wipe the most important place they should: in front of my face. If I slow to under 60 they wipe fine. Any speed above that and every area of the glass gets wiped except right where I need to SEE. Ironic, eh? Yeah, very.

I should have done what I do every year: Go to NAPA and get premium Anco winter blades. This year I didn't. Now I remember why all those years back I bought Anco's. (a-duh..)

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