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Navigating in northern Dallas-Fort Worth Texas (it's awful?)


Navigating the northern Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area is different, weird, sometimes scary, sometimes dangerous.

After moving to the DFW area of Texas, I was forced to relearn how to get to places due to the absolutely ridiculous way this area is laid out.

When I moved from New England to Tampa Bay Florida, I had no problem at all getting used to the way Florida roads and traffic work. It was honestly very easy.

It's September 2020 as I write this. I've lived in DFW for two years and I'm still trying, repeat, trying to get along with the madness that is northern DFW Texas roads.

Texas road design forces drivers to act like idiots

When I first moved here, I thought the drivers here were insane. I was wrong. Texas drivers are actually not insane. Rather, they're just dealing with the stupidity of the way roads are done here.

What do I mean by stupid? I'll give two examples.

Example 1: Mockingbird Ln

If traveling from Plano TX to Dallas Love Field (DAL) airport, the majority of that trip is US 75 south. That's not the problem. The problem is if your navigation system tells you to take exit 3, because that directs you to Mockingbird Ln. On that road, everything goes to hell because there are - and I'm not joking here - 14 traffic lights to go through over a distance of just 3.5 miles to get the to airport.

But wait, it gets worse. Two of these lights require you to take the center lane, one requires left-only lane and the others are right-only. Unless you travel that road every day (which I don't,) you will never remember the order of lane changes you must take just to stay on track.

Follow along here east-to-west to see the madness for yourself. At first, this short stretch appears easy to drive through. Trust me, it's not. Go into Street View mode, preview the route that way and watch how many times you have to bounce lanes. It's insanity.

The solution to this problem? There's only one. Avoid Mockingbird Ln entirely. Get to the airport from the north side using Lemmon Ave or south side using Lemmon Ave or Cedar Springs Rd.

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