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Navigating in northern Dallas-Fort Worth Texas part 2

Will the buffoonery with northern DFW roads ever be fixed?

At the moment, unlikely. Cities are more interested in opening shops rather than give its citizens safe passage to those shops.

There is a way to make the roads better. Road auditing with the intent of improving safe passage through use of signage only.

Texas has a thing called Clear Lanes. Good? Yes, but it's mainly (if not exclusively) for huge projects only.

There needs to be smaller levels of improvement. All the small stuff is being missed.

I'll explain this a bit further.

Let's say a county (or TxDOT directly) gave me the instructions to identify every problem area in a given county area, then propose fixes through use of correctly implemented signs, paint or reflectors only. This means no digging, no new lights and no giant projects because that all costs a lot of cash. Just simple stuff that can be implemented quick. Signs, paint and reflectors are way cheaper and last for years with very little maintenance involved.

And no, this isn't band-aid stuff I'm talking about. It's stuff that should have been there in the first place.

Because I actually, y'know, give a crap, yes I could identify all the problem spots, document everything, and tell the TxDOT and/or the county exactly what they need and how much it would cost. Chances are pretty good I could even nail the majority of fixes within the existing budget so no extra would be spent, while at the same time achieve the goal of decreasing accidents and fatalities so even more cash is saved.

Do I know how to find problem areas? Yes. Find them fast? Yes. Fix them fast? Yes. Fix them cheap? Yes. A few signs, a few reflectors and paint correctly placed goes a really long way. And given I'm such a huge road nerd, everything would be documented right down to exact GPS coordinates.

Basically, the way it works is that I put together reports of everything that could be improved, then pass that on to the civil engineer or whoever is in charge, and that person then approves or denies the recommendations. Some of my recommendations will get approved, some will need to be revised, and others will be denied. That's expected. But at least some stuff will actually get fixed.

Texas has sprawl, which is good for the economy but bad when the roads can't handle the influx of all the new traffic happening on an almost monthly basis. Texas is very aware of what's going on with the bigger roads, but seems to largely ignore the smaller ones.

Even when the time comes that Texas does fix all the big roads, that doesn't matter for much when so many smaller city roads are in desperate need of paint, signs and reflectors.

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