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"Netiquette" (a.k.a. Internet Etiquette) has been around basically since the 'net started. It basically means "Don't act like an idiot and show some common courtesy."

On a message board I administrate I have had to (once again) flex a little admin muscle to get people to adhere to what I consider to be common sense. As a matter of fact I fired off this link to illustrate the point.

One thing is certain: The internet is full of stupid people. Lots of people typing in ALL CAPS CONSTANTLY, bad spelling, poor grammar and so on.

I knew the 'net was taking a turn for the worse when the general public got involved right around late '99/early 2000. Bear in mind I've been on the internet since 1996. Right around that time is when lots of (stupid) kids got online and everyone and their mother started getting computers. From a guy (me) that's a true computer user - this is a nightmare. It is simply unbelievable the sheer amount of stupidity that pervades the 'net on a daily basis.

It's my personal belief that some people should just not own computers. Computers and the internet, while great, are not meant for those who can't understand the basic concept of common courtesy and etiquette when it comes to simple online communications. I mean seriously, it's not that hard. All you need is a 7th grade reading/writing level.

Makes me wonder if the majority of 'net users are beneath a 7th grade reading/writing level. Eek. Double eek. Very scary.

Okay, I'm off to bed. (grin)

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