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I have (currently) two new section in about. Scroll to the bottom to see them. There will possibly be some more coming later. Maybe. 🙂

Lonely on im

I'm realizing now that a lot less people use instant messaging compared to years ago. The few friends I do have on there now are barely there half the time.

IM'ing is not going to go away anytime soon, but I remember when it was "the thing" to do.

What happened is this: Everybody switched over to text messaging. And I can't stand texting. Oh well.

Email, however, never lost its stride. This is partially because all cell phones can be messaged/replied to via email - but that's not universally true with IM.

If I had a regular live show, I'd probably be e-popular

One thing that I actually don't mind doing is broadcasting live. I'm comfortable enough in front of the webcam to do it, and Ustream has progressed to the point where it allows enough control to do what I want with it.

My only thing is that I have absolutely no clue what to talk about. Maybe music? I dunno.

I would appreciate some feedback on this, if anyone cares to comment on it.

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