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new alesis fusion book - coming soon

As many who visit this web site know, I play an Alesis Fusion workstation synthesizer. Awesome 'board, no doubt about that.

I've received many requests for help concerning how-to's and things of that nature, so... I figured it was time to write a book that explains how to do what I do on that synthesizer. No, it will not be a replacement for the reference manual. Think of it more as a complement to it.

My book will feature many illustrations and be written in what I call "Plain English" style, meaning as little technobabble as possible.

Here's some of what will appear in the book:

* Detailed tutorial on how to install Hollow Sun sounds

* A "real world" approach to the internal sequencer, where you can use it easily and effectively

* Detailed tutorial on synth + audio use in the sequencer

* Detailed tutorial on how to import samples using the Fusion Convertor (importing WAV samples and so on)

...and lots more.

I expect to have it completed soon, and will be available for sale. Don't worry, the price will be more than reasonable. 🙂

Once released, I'll announce it here.

-- update --

The book is completed! The information on how to get it is here.

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