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now this word from kellogg's product 19

I found what is nothing short of a gem. The Pythons in 1975 on ABC's A.M. America. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. If you have any sense of humor whatsoever you will laugh out loud at least twice when watching this. The host of the show Stephanie Edwards completely does not know what to do with these guys. Amazing stuff.


New tunes are coming along slowly but surely for a new music thing I will be releasing at a later time. It's going to be an electronica-ish thing. This sentence is the third in a row that contains the word "thing". If I said "kiss my thing", are you thinking of an object or a part of my body? If part of my body, I guarantee you weren't thinking about my elbow.


Today I will be shooting a video discussing running linux on a USB stick, a.k.a. pendrive. Cool for us nerdy types. Not cool for everyone else that doesn't have the first clue what linux is. Such is life. 🙂

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