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nu shooz

For those that have no idea where the title of this bloggo means (as I'm sure there will be a few of you), here you go. Moving on...

I decided once again to change around the theme of my site. Turned out quite well. Yes, it's a scratch-built, right down to the favicon.

The two big deals with this one is the use of the color red and that I'm back to using a logo again. We'll start with the logo first.

The logo is using the font Clarendon. I used it because it's roughly the same font used in the television show The Golden Girls. Not for the title (which I think is Zapf Chancery) but for the credits. I saw an episode of that recently, and when the credits rolled I said "Hey, I like that." I made the m larger and the enga smaller on purpose to make the m stick out for use as a favicon.

The use of red is something I've never really used here before which is essentially the reason why I went with it. Originally I thought it was going to be a bit stark but it started to come together the more I experimented.

On a final note, just for kicks I purposely loaded this new design up in Windows 2000 using IE6 just to see if it would display properly. Turns out it works perfectly in that ancient crappy browser. That's surprising. And funny.

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