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odd shoes and black hats

I have an odd shoe size, 12W. The W is for Wide because I have big-ass flat feet. I can't wear a regular 12 because the big toe rubs on the side, and can't wear 13 because it's just too big, so I have to wear the 12W size.

Today I went to the shoe store I always go to, and... closed. Sigh. That happens a lot in Tampa even for larger companies. A store is there today and gone tomorrow. This is a stark contrast to how storefronts work from the small town I grew up in where if a store opened it stayed opened for a good long while. Or at least that's how I remember it.

I bounce over to a department store and there weren't any 12W sizes. I bounce over to another department store and they had the size in a shoe I liked. $14 per pair. I bought two pair so I'm good in the sneaker dept. for a good long while.

Last weekend I found something that's particularly hard to come by: Plain black adjustable baseball caps. Fits great, looks great. I love it because it's logo-less.

Something interesting happened however when I started wearing this cap - people started treating me differently. It wasn't different in a measurement of good or bad, just different. When I went to the bank, the teller girl even told me I looked much different than usual, and it was because of the cap.

I really didn't think a hat could alter the appearance of someone that much, but I guess in my case it does. Maybe it's because the cap is all-black with nothing on it. I dunno.

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