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old is new again

on the cam

For the past few days I've been streaming video (but no audio) from My channel is at

So far I like it. Granted, most of the time the channel is showing nothing but my fish, but hey, it's better than nothing. Ustream's interface is stupidly simple and I like that. Simple is good. In addition it's powerful. You can change devices at whim in the interface, modify audio settings and so on.

It's just nice that there's a free streaming service that doesn't require me to have my PC act as a server (because if I were that would be violating my ISP's terms of service).

I remember that webcams used to be all the rage but died out years ago. Now (seemingly all of a sudden), cams are making a comeback with internet streaming services like Ustream.


JPC is for me

Since last night I've been messing around with the recently appointed open source JPC.

My reasons for wanting to get JPC to work here on my web site is because I could FINALLY run a BBS again without the need for a telnet server.

Locally, I was able to compile the entire thing using Netbeans, but every time I've tried to get it working in a web browser it's failed. The reason for the failure is simply because I don't know how to execute jar files properly in a browser, but once I figure that out I should have it up and running.

JPC works really well and it's absolutely maddening I'm only inches away from getting it to work in a browser, but can't because of my lack of Java experience.

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