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on internet

on forums and discussion boards

I don't like message boards on the 'net. Never really did. I only post on a select few, and for those few I don't post that often. I avoid message boards to avoid balloonheads, i.e. people on ego trips. These are guys and girls who get some sense of power out of talking out of their ass.

Forums are not dead. Some would have you believe it is, but believe me when I say that as long as there are computer keyboards there will be forums. Period.

. . .

on social networking

The only thing I can say about social networking is that it attracts the bottom-of-the-barrel users of the internet more than anything else. Could be MySpace, Facebook or something that hasn't been caught wind on the internet yet. It doesn't matter what system it is; they all suck.

I have a Facebook account but only got it because I wanted to see what it was about. I login into it once every few days. Nothing ever happens on it.

I had a MySpace account that I used regularly but deleted it. A large reason I deleted it because of the drama that is MySpace. I don't need that b.s. in my life, thank you very much. 🙂

. . .

on instant messaging

ICQ: Still a great network. Cool because non-USA chatters use it a lot. The ICQ6 client is actually really nice. Talks with AIM easily. If you sent a message from AIM to my ICQ number, I would receive it. No fuss, no muss - but few people are aware you can do that.

AIM: Everyone uses AIM. I avoided using it for years but then it got to a point where I had to use it to chat with certain people. Kinda sucks. Fortunately you can use alternative clients like Trillian to connect to AIM easily (which I do.) I don't knock anyone for using AIM these days. I used to but hey, people will use what they want and AIM is a biggie in that department.

Yahoo: I always liked Yahoo over AIM, but the current client is so big and bloated it's ridiculous. I use Trillian to connect to it unless chatting with someone that uses Yahoo-specific features.

MSN: Now known as Windows Live, MSN messenger always sucked. The only people who ever used it are kids who didn't know they could use other chat networks. MSN was one of those "Well, it's in Windows already so I might as well use it" kind of things for most people. I have an account but it's more or less worthless. The only reason I keep it is for the ultra-rare occasions someone says "Hey, got MSN?" Trust me when I say it's ultra-rare when that happens.

LJ Talk: I only mention this one because the LiveJournal community is huge. They have a program you can download to send messages to LJ users. I've used it; it works; it allows you to post without logging into LJ physically; it's cool and all that.. but only for LJ people. I have an account there but don't use that community. Worthless for me but good for LJ freaks. 😉

. . .

on video communities

When people think video on the internet, they think YouTube. I use it myself but another very popular nickname for that place is DramaTube because the system is spilling over with it. Nowhere else except YouTube will you find so much drama combined with so much hate.

The so-called "community" at YouTube is now nothing but a big joke. The system is filled with I-wanna-be-famous idiots.

In addition, it's all too easy to "cheat" on YouTube to get a high count on views, subscribers and so on. I personally know people who have done both in low and high places.

You can't use the view-count cheat anymore, but you can still abuse the system to your advantage just by being a YouTube whore. And by whore I don't mean "a hot stupid girl," although that helps because any girl on YouTube that's young and skinny always gets high views. Always.

I won't tell you how to be a YouTube whore, however if you want high views and high subscriber counts, make a video about any one of the following:

Use any one of the above and by default you will get views and subscribers. It's guaranteed to happen.

Of course, this will amount to absolutely nothing in real life, but hey, having a high subscriber count is what it's all about.. right?

. . .

on live video

Live internet video is not a new thing. It's been around ever since webcams became available for sale. Years ago the most popular people on cams were strippers, a.k.a. "camgirls."

But then they vanished seemingly overnight.

It wasn't that they didn't like stripping and getting attention (and in some cases making a lot of money.) ISP's got wise to the fact that (at that time) webcams were sucking (har har) a lot of bandwidth away, so they deemed any streaming webcam a "server." At that point the strippers no longer had a free way to strip and therefore stopped.

In today's version, streaming is now attempting to make a comeback as being delivered via a webcam thru a web site rather than directly off someone's IP address.

You don't see the strippers (yet,) but live cams are for 'net nerds only. These are people who want to do the "I live my life on the internet" thing.

The same "rules" as YouTube apply.

If you're a semi-hot girl, people will flock to your cam. If you wear something that shows off your tits, all the better.

If you're an outright nerd, 'net nerds will flock to you as well.

Live video on the 'net has never been good, save for girls who strip. That's just the way it is. Anyone who says different is talking out of their ass.

. . .

on live audio

Most people think of internet "radio stations" when it comes to live audio. But alas, no one gives a crap about them. I don't. The only time anyone ever listens to them is when you can't tune in a station from your desk at work.

. . .

on blogs

I have good things to say about blogs. 😀

I'm pleased as punch that blogs today are mostly written by those who actually like to write instead of the stupid "I'm doing it because it's cool" average internet idiot. Those people have more or less moved on to other things. And hey, that's cool because the better writers on the internet get more attention now.

If you want to know what the idiots are using these days, they're dealing the drama on crap sites like Twitter. Fine by me; they can have it.

Am I saying blogs are now "uncool?" Yes. The cool kids don't blog anymore. Writers are the ones who are blogging now and continue to do so.

Being that the internet begins and ends with text, blogs (like forums) will be around as long as computer keyboards exist.

Not only are blogs written by writers; they are only seen by people who like to read. This is cool because it literally eliminates the vast majority of stupid 'net 'tards who couldn't be bothered to read anything.

Rock on, blogs. Rock on.


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