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one of the reasons why i'm single

I stopped by a fuel station today to fill up my truck. After I filled up I went inside to buy some items. At the checkout there were two girls manning the registers. Both of them looked to be in their early 20's. One was sorta/kinda hot and the other was also sorta/kinda hot but slightly prettier.

The first girl had natty blond hair. Instant turn-off. Granted, she was working at a gas station, but c'mon.. try to look decent, will ya?

The second girl (the prettier one) had straight blond hair which went a few inches past her shoulders. Nice eyes, great smile. Thin and cute.

Girl #2 looked at me and said something I completely didn't understand. I can't repeat it here because I literally didn't understand her. Whatever she said was absolute gibberish. But she was smiling when she said it, so I asked her what she was talking about. Then she said she swore I had been in the store earlier today. I told her I hadn't.

I'm fairly certain this was a bad attempt at a come-on. It's kind of like that tired old "Come here often?" question - especially when a girl stumbles over her words like that and has to say it twice.

As I was paying for my stuff, another guy walks in the store. Probably in his mid-20's. You could tell he was a regular. Both girls know him and started chatting him up. As the conversation went on, he said he was going out to the bar that night.

Girl #2 immediately replied to that with "Oh! You're going to go drinking without me?"

** wham **

That pretty girl is now 100% ugly to me.

A big reason why I'm single is because I don't drink. I've never been a drinker and I never buy alcohol. In fact, I drink so little that whenever anyone spots me with a beer in hand, they're shocked.

I find absolutely no fun in going to a bar. All you do is hang around a noisy environment with a bunch of people in a drunken stupor.

Not my idea of fun.

For each time I've been drunk (a total of three times in my entire life), I've gotten sick. Very sick. I cannot hold my liquor. It doesn't matter what kind of booze it is. Could be wine, beer or whatever - I can't drink because my system absolutely does not agree with it.

If it's wine, the moment it gets past my throat I get instant heartburn.

If it's beer, my stomach starts churning badly (even if I've eaten first) shortly after it passes the throat.

I won't touch hard liquor. Never have. Never will.

With mixed drinks it's either the same result as wine (insta-heartburn) or I get the beer reaction.

Non-drinkers are social outcasts. Because we can't drink for whatever reason(s), we're always the odd ones out. The only role we can possibly play is the designated driver. Granted, that's a noble role to play, but how fun is it knowing someone may barf in your car?

"Bar bitches", as they're called, are the worst to date. They're #1 goal is to get drunk at least once a week. That's the pinnacle of happiness in their lives. Get drunk. Go home. Puke. Wake up with hangover the next day. Do it all over again next week.

Put it this way: It doesn't matter how hot a bar bitch looks. When you see one doubled over vomiting up the night's alcohol, any trace of her looking hot is 100% gone. She's sick, she's nasty, she stinks and she isn't worth it - period.


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