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Only light can come from the shadows

Over the past few weeks I have been dealing with (as is said in High Fidelity) those "what does it all mean" life questions. Questions of this type can only be answered in one of two ways. Up, or down. There is no inbetween. Up is to the light. Down is to the darkness. What I'm about to say may sound a bit prophetic. Or just weird. I'm going to say it anyway.

The world to many people is a dark, bleak place, filled with opposition, stress, pain, suffering and bitterness. It is all too easy to fall into shadow where darkness lives. There are times when life will appear to be coming at you from all the wrong directions. Your mind is a dizzy array of confusion; your soul beaten and tired. You feel your breaking point approaching and don't know if you can survive. Dark thoughts pervade the mind and you blame the world and everyone in it for all your sorrows and woes. Life seems to be an endless drowning pool of sadness. You reach out your hand for someone, anyone, to pull you free as you desperately try to breathe.. but you feel as if your life is being taken away, leaving you to die a wretched death.

This is not how the world is.

Your soul, if tormented by a dark world, can come out of the shadow. It is up to you to take the first step. It is a choice. Those who are dark choose to be dark. You have the power to defy all places buried deep in shadows - because you're the one who created them. To step into the light is to realize that you are here, alive, breathing, with a heart that beats vibrant life. Life defeats the shadow. Life means you exist. To wake from sleep each morning means that the light has been granted to you for one more day.

How will you spend those days? Will you be resentful, bitter and cold? Or will you take the light of life, so graciously given to you, and live?

I choose to live. Through the light, once embraced, one knows that life is good.

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