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It's official

As of November 22nd I will be once again a full-time employed computer help desk schmuck, as in the regular kind with work benefits. Yay for me. Up until this point I've been doing the contracting thing. Those in the MIS world (Information Systems, i.e. techie jobs) are very familiar with working on a contractural basis. These days it's almost mandatory and I've been doing that for quite a while now.

Even with all these pluses I'll be getting by going full time, I'm still a bit bummed about the whole thing. I'd rather be doing so much more than just sit in a cube all day taking support calls... like playing music or writing or doing cinema stuff or whatever. You know, creative stuff. But I'm not. Guess that comes later.

Pros and Cons of the situation as it stands:

Pro: Nice check. I'm getting an increase and it will be salaried. And before anyone says "you lucky bastard", bear in mind I had to work the job on contract for 8 months with absolutely no benefits whatsoever. I definitely did not "fall into" getting hired full time. I had to prove I could do it, and I did. Luck had nothing to do with it.

Con: I sit in a cube all day. Does wonders to numb your mind. Ergh.

Pro: Friendly staff. Everyone is very helpful. Communication is surprisingly good.

Con: Management is still typical of any other company I've ever worked for. Six words can describe the experience: Cover Your Ass At All Times.

Pro: Good cafeteria.

Con: No exercise. You can listen to your ass grow during the day.

Pro: Freedom to pretty much surf the 'net all day inbetween support calls.

Con: Everything you do on the network is monitored and you have to be very careful you don't do stuff that will put you "on the radar" so to speak.

Pro: Easy job, truly.. provided you have help desk experience.

Con: Very high stress level, if you let the job get to you. There are some people who simply cannot handle help desk. I routinely see people quit because the task placed before them is way too daunting. Help desk is not for the weak.

Pro: I can wear sneakers to work and jeans on Friday.

Con: From Monday thru Thursday I have to wear dress pants and collared shirts. Bleah (but no ties, thankfully).

Pro: If I come to work and I haven't shaved in a few days, no one cares.

Con: ..except when senior management arrives, where they tell everyone in advance "look your best," but that doesn't happen too often so it isn't that bad.

Pro: 1st Shift Job. Very nice.

Con: I have to get up in the early in the morning to go to work.

Pro: Everyone is near my age. Nice.

Con: My team lead is younger than me, by two years to be exact. Weird.

I could probably go on all day with this... but I guess in the end this is a positive thing. I am lucky to have what I have. I know this and it's what gives me my greatest advantage in life. Most people don't realize what they have until it's gone.. and that's almost too easy to do. I think I have the edge in realizing that what I got isn't bad, at all.

New monitor Part 3

Two posts ago I said the monitor I just bought was fine. It isn't. The monitor is crap. I was completely wrong in my last post (except for the picture rendering thing which is true.) I have an --OLD-- 21-inch Gateway VX1110 monitor here at work. It goes up to 1600x1200 res - no fuzzies whatsoever. I'm staring at this old Gateway monitor and thinking to myself "My new one should be WAY clearer than this."

So back it's going. I will be doing this either tonight or next week. I'd rather deal with my bowed 17-inch Philips than a fuzzy 19-inch. Either way this sucks.

New Monitor Part 2

After messing around with the settings for a while, I've found that increasing the resolution then bumping up the font size makes things a lot easier. I'm now running 1600x1200 resolution with 2 "bumped" font sizes in Firefox.

This I've found concerning the internet in general: A lot of sites (a ton of them) are programmed wrong. They definitely do not accommodate larger resolutions. Everything is really really tiny (where changing the font size doesn't help) or it's image based and you can't change anything at all. That sucks. But fortunately sites like Yahoo and GMail do accommodate - you can just increase the font size easily with FireFox using by holding Ctrl and pressing the plus key (minus key to decrease size).

As a matter of fact I had to change the menus on the right because the calendar thing went "over the border" when I bumped up the font size. Ooooopsie. (grin)