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Made it home

I'm happy to report I was able to make it home. I've said this before and I'll say it again, those Blizzak's I bought were worth every dime I paid for them.

I live on a driveway that is almost 1/5th of a mile long. It's paved, but, at its steepest point there is almost a 25% grade (that's pretty steep). In years past, on days like this there was absolutely no way I would make it up the driveway in my car. Today however, I did - and this is the worst of winter days. The ground is iced over with slush and sleet everywhere.

I drove up the driveway and made it past the halfway mark. A good sign usually. Then, right at the steepest point the car stopped moving. The traction control just keep spinning over and over.

I stopped.

Thought to myself for a second or two.. "I remember hearing that if you turn off the traction control these tires will bite right through the ice."

Turned off the traction control and hit the gas. Tires are spinning and you can smell the rubber burning, but I am moving, inch by inch. About 30 seconds later I'm over the top of the crest.

Boo-yah. I'm home.

Those tires cut right through all the sleet, snow, slush and ice and got me the traction I needed.

Bridgestone Blizzak's are the best snow tire - EVER.

Ice bucket

Today I went to work. Why I don't know. It's a complete bucket of crap out there weather-wise. I should have stayed home. Last night it snowed. A lot. Today it will continue to snow. A lot. If that wasn't good enough - freezing rain (read: ice) is being dumped on the roads as I type this. Yay.

Let's hope I get home in one piece today..

Snowfall motion

Here at work it is snowing outside. Fortunately at this point it is a light fluffy-type snowfall with very little wind which is most preferable. Heavy snow is a mess. High winds during snowfall are also a mess. The light stuff falling right now is easy to drive in as long as there is some daylight out.

I was outside a few minutes ago and watched the snow. Snowfall like this is calming to watch. It appears to look like perpetual motion, sort of like a fishtank full of guppies except this is vertical rather than horizontal. Moments like these are good for the soul. I remember light snow days like this when I was a kid. Times were a lot easier back then and snow was FUN.

Sometimes I wish snow could be fun again. Maybe one day it will be.