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Let me make you an offer you can't refuse..

I went to work yesterday tired mostly because I hardly got any sleep the previous day. When I'm tired I am usually irritable and get annoyed easily. Most people are like this when they don't get enough sleep for whatever reason.

I get to work and did my standard routine when I get there and blah blah blah. Then I get a call from HR (that's "Human Resources"). I get this cheery person on the phone, which is typical of how most HR people are (very annoying).

Anyway, she does her standard cheery bit of "How are you doing today" and so on and I'm like "Fine fine whatever.. get to the gaddam point." Actually I didn't say that (but inside that's what I wanted to say,) because usually the only time HR calls you is when you do something wrong.

But I didn't do anything wrong - I got an offer for a full time position, something I thought would never happen. Sidenote: To those who don't know, I've been working as a contractor at my job since March.

Then she tells me the offer: It's more than I'm making now, with full benefits and it's salaried, and I'll be receiving all the paperwork in the mail via FedEx in a few days.

We then finished up the call.

Friends who have been speaking with me recently know that I've been two inches away from quitting that job because a) I never thought the offer was coming and b) I was full-on ready to start my own biz again. Seriously speaking I was very VERY close to quitting that job.

But I couldn't ignore the figure I was offered. And full benefits are something I haven't had in a very long time.

The rest of the day I was debating within myself "Should I quit or should I take it?" I thought about it all day.

After I got home I made my decision and said to myself "You'd be a damned fool to pass this up."

So I'm going to take it.

I can't say I'm overly enthusiastic about this. This job isn't something I particularly care for all too much. But at least I know the job, the people there genuinely like me and I'm considered to be one of those people who "knows what I'm doing" where I work. I guess considering what I will be making the job will be a bit more tolerable now.

Best eBay listing ---EVER---

THIS absolutely kicks ass: READ THIS EBAY LISTING (edit: link is dead).

Here's a small excerpt from it:

"I received this stupid pen on my birthday years ago from my ex-wife, and even before I divorced her flabby body, I hated the pen. I have no idea why she bought me this piece of crap. Sure, it writes fine and could "seem" kind of cool, but I hate it. The color is ugly, it barely fits in my banana sized hands, and it comes with some weird carrying case. King Kong could barely write with it. Every time I open up my drawer and see this waste of space, I am reminded that I used to be married to that skank who gave me a stupid pen for my birthday."

Read more of this - it is absolutely frickin' HILARIOUS.

I will be capturing this to PDF later for download on this site. That's how much I think that listing rocks.


Here it is in PDF version in case the link doesn't work above. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to read it.

Sounded like a good idea at the time..

The archives here have changed back to the way they were. Archives by month and category are now listed with newest at top and oldest at bottom. It was the other way 'round, but I found that newest at top is a bit easier when you go to read it. This directly goes against what I said about it earlier. Blah. (grin)