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Technology can suck ass sometimes

Slowly but surely, I am putting on all the programs I normally use on the new computer I just built. I've decided along the way to upgrade a few programs. Bad idea for the most part. Newer is not always better (as it states very plainly on - a site I could not live without).

New version of AOL Instant Messeger: Sucked. I use a version that's 3 versions behind. Runs much better, faster and does the same job.

New version of CuteFTP, really sucked. A lot of crap added for no reason whatsoever. Does nothing but slow the program down and just make it confusing as hell. Thank God I kept my original paid copy of 3.0.

New version of WinAMP 5.0, sucked beyond belief. I hated this thing from the moment I installed it. Yeah, it's free so you can't complain I guess... but sheesh the older versions (I use 2.91) is so much faster and just easier to use. The new version put everything in a different place and put in a "fade" that I could not shut off when switching between MP3's. Screw that.

The lesson to be learned here is this: If you have programs that do the job you want, the new version most likely won't do the job any better.. it will probably do nothing but slow your computer down.

Old WinAMP rules.. :-)

The Friday Report (grin)

I stayed up 'til 2am last night finishing up my new computer, so I am dead tired today. Right now I'm feelin' it.. and it's not good because I have to drive later. I don't like driving tired because that's dangerous. Fortunately I drive slow most of the time, and today I'm going to take it super easy on the road.

The mood around the office is light today, which is good. In my opinion, you can never be too serious at work, because if you are, it really drains you in a bad way. Basically it makes you very cranky and irritable. Fortunately the current job I have recognizes that it's ok to have fun every so often, which is good. If the fun factor didn't pop around from time to time, this would be a very miserable place to work.

The Counter-Strike server I have at ReconGamer had a few problems last week, but they seem to be resolved. I personally think it's pretty funny how RG handles problems. Say your server crashes for a few days in a row, so you call to report it. RG says "there's nothing wrong", and then the problem seems to magically fix itself very shortly afterwards. I've had this happen 3 times, so it's not a coincidence. RG states there's nothing wrong and then goes and fixes the problem without telling you. I suppose that's ok - but I really wish they would admit when there's a problem that needs to be fixed.

More about the computer I built: It's by far the fastest computer I've ever owned. It's a 1.9GHz AMD with 512MB of 400MHz RAM with a 128MB Chaintech NVIDIA Video card, and an NVIDIA Chipset on the mobo (Shuttle) itself. Good setup, the thing cranks right along very nicely. Windows XP boots up in less than 15 seconds (for real!) Hopefully the computer will continue to keep its speed as I add more software to it.

I am slowly but surely beginning to write new music - completely new stuff no one has ever heard before. It's got my style, but it's nothing from my archives (and I have a ton of stuff there). I will have to find a singer - but due to a recent bad experience with my previous singer I'm not exactly trying very hard to look for one if you know what I mean. (grin) And I am definitely not taking the old one back!! I'm also debating whether I should keep my existing project name or go with a new one. We'll see.

Tonight when I get home I going to veg out - maybe play some Counter-Strike.. I dunno. (grin)

Site done.. again

Man it seems I change this web site like I change my socks... but anyway, it's done. Cool. I'm goin' ta bed. (grin)