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pluto loses / tampa stuff

And then there were eight

If you didn't know, we no longer have nine planets in our Solar System. Sucks to be Pluto, who incidentally wins the award for "Dorkiest Named Formet Planet".

Your (Florida) tax dollars at work

City of Tampa "All Crimes" Map. Grid by grid you can see what kinds of crimes are goin' on. Nice to know that most of the area is clear. There are only a scarce few "bad" parts, which is good.

Re-do your bathroom the cheap way, as in free.

Got a parking ticket or two? Pay it online.

Get a listing of all parks and playgrounds.

There's a lot more, but I swear, Tampa (and Hillsborough County in general) impresses the crap out of me with how much stuff you can do online, and also that you can get information you can actually use. I mean, heck, I scehduled an appointment with the frickin' DMV online. When my plate comes due for re-registration, that can be done online also without ever having to go to the DMV at all.

I just like it when I get to experience things that are paid for by taxpayer dollars that work. It's a great feeling to know the money is being put to good use. And in all seriousness, the Tampa Florida web site is really good all around.

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