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rich's podcast episode 3 - guitar choices

Xaviere and Schecter guitars, oh my.

This podcast is mainly about my thoughts on what to get for my next guitar. The two I'm considering is the Schecter PT Fastback and Xaviere JT100 from Guitar Fetish.

It's the JT100 I'm going to talk about more in a moment. When it comes to Telecaster (a.k.a. "T style") guitars, there are tons of them out there. You can spend as little or as much as you want on one of those. One of the cheapest (as in under $200) with some decent quality to it is the Oscar Schmidt OSLT which you can see here. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot with a Telecaster style guitar.

But then there's the Jazzmaster. Liking this guitar is somewhat of a curse because there are very few guitar companies that actually make a proper one aside from Fender and Squier.

Xaviere's JT100 is a proper Jazzmaster because it has the offset body shape and the proper vibrato system. Other guitar companies will slap on a Stratocaster tremolo, or they'll just say screw it and make the guitar a hardtail.

Is the JT100 a "full" Jazzmaster? No, because it doesn't have the two-circuit electronics. But as I said in the podcast, I never used the rhythm circuit anyway, so not having it really isn't a drawback. In addition to that, Fender themselves dropped the rhythm circuit entirely with the Fender American Professional Jazzmaster. If you want that two-circuit design, you either have to buy the Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster or the Fender Vintera '60s Jazzmaster before moving on to the American stuff that's over $2,000.

I'm still looking around to see if there is anything else besides the JT100 from Xaviere. If not, that may be the one I have to go with, cross my fingers and hope it's a good one.

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