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positional vertigo

Last nite something happened that scared the hell out of me. I laid down on my back as I normally do when I go to bed and got a mild bout of vertigo. It only lasted a few seconds but it really threw me. I immediately turned over and it went away.

Seeing if it would happen again under the same circumstances, I sat up, lied down on my back again and it returned. I turned over again, it went away.

Then I laid down on my back slowly and it didn't happen.

Weird? Oh yes.

I have what appears to be an extremely mild case of positional vertigo. I have never had it before and from what I read this is something that will filter itself out of my system in a few weeks. Medication basically does nothing for it in mild cases.

When sitting I'm fine. When driving I'm fine. It's only when I specifically lie down on my back fast that my head spins. And I feel somewhat "heavy" in the head when when I walk. It's nothing major but it's still very, very frightening.

I was going to drive to Pop's tonight for the 4th but I'm going to pass on that. If I feel better tomorrow I'll take the trip. Other than they heavy-headed feeling I'm okay otherwise.

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