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Entertaining link of the moment (which I think I linked here from before but not sure): FedEx Furniture. It is the story of a guy named Jose who could not afford furniture so he built some of out FedEx boxes and tubes - literally. It's an entertaining and fun read.

I am in a similar but not-so-desperate situation concerning my own dwelling. At the moment my bed is an inflatable mattress, which by the way is quite comfortable. My computer desk is a tiny little wooden table I bought at Wal-Mart and my television stand is a plastic bin I used for moving when I traveled to Florida.

I basically need the following things at this point: A bed, a "real" computer desk, a table, a stand for the television and two more chairs.

The reason I haven't gone out to get these things is for two reasons. The first is cost. Good furniture isn't cheap, and it's better to save up a few bucks to get the better stuff - because I've seen what happens when people buy cheapo furniture and it isn't pretty.

The second reason is that at present I don't have anyone to help move the furniture into the apartment. Yes it's true I could go to a local Rent-A-Whatever and have it delivered, but everyone knows you pay way too much for way too little in those places.

The solution is to order furniture you put together, have it delievered and build it yourself. A good manufacturer is IKEA. I have built items from them before and the materials are sturdy and good.

A few examples of what I'm probably going to buy:

Aneboda (bed frame)

Klubbo (tv bench which I'll probably get in black)

Tovik (corner desk)

Ingo (dining table)

Stefan (chair of which I'll buy two in pine color)

The price adds up when you put all this stuff together, but fortunately it can be bought over time. The materials are decent and the manuals are easy to follow. No, this is not top-notch last-forever Ethan Allen furniture, but hey, it fits the budget and looks good. What more can you ask for.

Once I get a few more things paid off I'll spring for some of this stuff.. unless I get the sunroof for my truck first. Decisions, decisions. 🙂

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