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Rain on my parade

I'm up early today because I went to bed early last night, and I must say that waking up naturally without the alarm clock is very nice each time it happens.

So.. yesterday all the weathermen (because there are no weatherwomen around here) were saying "8 to 10 inches of snow is comin', go buy bread and milk, pack up your kids in the basement, impending doom is approaching and you're all gonna die! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Well, they weren't really saying that - but you get my meaning.

All this near-foot of snow crap never happened - and I knew it wasn't going to happen either because I checked ye olde radar on Weather Underground yesterday. Trust me, when you live in New England, you do watch the weather - often. Anyway, the snow we were supposedly going to have is almost going to be 100% rain (thank God), so the weathermen were wrong, again.

Over the years I've found that tv weathermen are rarely correct because they sensationalize their reports. Like everyone else, I would rather hear the truth when it comes to weather. I don't need the glitz, so I get my forecasts from the internet which are usually always correct. Radar don't lie. Power to the people, dammit. (grin)

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