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Request to Dunlop: Change your string packaging

Dunlop Nickel Wound Dunlop Pure Nickel

On the surface, the above two packages of guitar strings look exactly the same. They're not. In fact, they're drastically different.

My favorite brand of string is Dunlop. I have to order these strings from Amazon routinely because the guitar stores almost never have them. Unfortunately, sometimes I receive the wrong string model in the mail.

Above are two totally different types of string models. The first, which is my preferred model is Dunlop Nickel Wound. The second, which is absolutely NOT my preferred model, is Dunlop Pure Nickel.

Nickel Wound uses modern string construction and every package has a silica pack in it to prevent rust - which it definitely does. The wound strings feel great, and the unwound strings feel as smooth as glass. Also, the sound that the strings make works perfectly with my Jazzmaster. I've also had really good luck with these strings on my Strats as well.

Pure Nickel has decidedly less treble response, goes dead quickly, feels rougher to the touch and snaps too easily. Does that mean Dunlop Pure Nickel is a bad string? No, because ALL guitar strings billed as pure nickel have that character to them. It's an old-school style string, and some guitar players like that style of string because of their old-school character. But I personally can't stand them.

My problem is that Dunlop's packaging between the Nickel Wound and Pure Nickel looks almost identical. And yes, I have made the mistake of buying the wrong string because the packaging between the two models looks so similar.

If anyone from Dunlop reads this, you guys really need to change the packaging to better differentiate the Nickel Wound from the Pure Nickel models. Either change the box color for the Pure Nickel, or maybe add a thick white stripe with black lettering on top of the package, or just outright "do a negative", change the box to white and all letters to black for the Pure Nickel packaging.

Something has to be done, because I'm certain I'm not the only one who buys Dunlop strings that has made the unintentional error of buying the wrong string model by mistake.

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