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Screw XP (computer geekery)

I sincerely wish XP would go away quicker. Currently, when I write Windows articles for work I purposely include what I call a Windows two-way, that being "this is how you do this in 7, this is how to do this in XP" crapola.

It's getting to the point where I am very close to never writing another word about the ancient OS known as Windows XP unless I absolutely have to. And the instances where I have to are fortunately very few.

My boss only uses XP in VMware Fusion on a Mac for just three apps as far as I know. A financial app, Windows Live Writer and an ancient version of Paint Shop Pro. I also use an ancient version of PSP for the same reason he does - it's easy and it works.

The only XP I have is a virtual PC in VirtualBox that I almost never use. There are only two instances when I do. The first is for work-related articles. The second is to test web designs to see if they work in IE 6 because there are still morons out there that still run that browser. And yes, if you use IE 6, you're a moron because that browser has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

Concerning the IE 6 crap, I think I'm going to give them the heave-ho. This is why:

Browsers (

The above is a recent visitor sample from this site for the top 5 browsers people use when they visit here.

The IE 6 users only account for a very small fraction of my visitors. From a web design point of view, you have no idea how annoying it is to make sure things work in IE 6.

Concerning the next design of my blog (and yes there is one coming), screw IE 6 users because I'm not going to accommodate for that craptastic browser anymore. Just upgrade to IE 8 already and get it over with.

XP users don't bother me, but writing about it and designing for IE 6 does.

Every single thing you could possibly think of concerning XP has been written about at least 1,000 times or more on the internet. There isn't anything anybody could add writing-wise new for XP because it has already been written.

IE 6 is well known to be one of the worst web browsers ever and is positively ancient. It was superseded THREE YEARS AGO by IE 7 and that was superseded eight months ago by IE 8.

Screw XP.

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